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Overview of College

    The predecessor of college of chemistry and chemical engineering in Yunnan normal university is the normal college’s physical and chemical department which belongs to the national southwest associated university. Professor Yang Shixian was the first director of this department. In July 13, 2000, with the approval of school, the college of chemistry and chemical engineering was established. The college has the teaching and research departments as follows: Department of Fundamental Chemistry, Department of Theoretical Chemistry, Department of Applied Chemistry, Department of Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Experimental Center, Training Center, Pesticide Research Institute and so on. The Administration departments such as Party Committee Office, Executive Office, Academic Office, Reference Room, Reagent and Instrumental Storeroom helping to manage the college.

    Nowadays there are 58 teachers and administrative staff in the college. Among whom, 17 are professors, 18 are associate professors, the number of lecturers and assistants are 16 and 6 respectively. 3 teachers are Doctoral tutor, and 21 teachers have acquired the doctor’s degree and 17 teachers possess the master’s degree. Among them, one teacher is the winner of “Chinese Academy of Sciences Hundred Talents program”, one is the winner of “Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University”, one got the award for “Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities”, one is the State winner of special government allowances, two teachers are Outstanding talents in Yunnan Province, one is the technology innovation talent in Yunnan province, six are youthful academic and technology leaders in Yunnan province, four are teaching and research leaders in Yunnan Provincial Education Department, eight are disciplines leaders of the university, ten are backbone teachers, three teachers have been invited to the first Specially-appointed School Status.
    At present, there are nearly 100 graduate students and 1000 undergraduates in college of chemistry and chemical engineering.
    The college have nearly 2000 teaching and researching instruments. such as X-ray diffraction instrument, NMR, Infrared Spectrometer, High performance liquid chromatograph, Gas chromatograph. In 2006, group of Molecular-based optical functional conversion materials was supported by the school’s development and innovation plan. In the same year, Inorganic chemistry was approved as the school’s key discipline for constructing. In 2007, the discipline of chemistry was approved as the key construction subject of Yunnan province. In the same year, Biochemical separation and analysis of materials and technology was approved as the school’s key laboratory for developing. After years of constructing on academic and professional field, now Inorganic chemistry is provincial-level key disciplines and the college possess a Provincial Universities key laboratory called “Molecular engineering and optical functional materials key laboratory” and a Provincial “Demonstration Laboratory of Applied Chemistry”; also possess “Chemistry” senior subject and “Applied chemistry” Sub-field subject for master's degree authorization. The college have 3 Undergraduate disciplines distributed as "Chemical education", "Applied Chemistry" and "Science education", among them “Chemical education” and “Science education” are key constructing disciplines of school. “Organic Chemistry" is the Provincial excellent course. Now the college is declaring for the PhD programs and the innovative team from Ministry of Education.