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Scientific Research

    Now the college formed three teams of scientific research that are separately led by Professor Fu Wenfu, Professor Yuan Liming and Professor Chen Yegao. The main research fields are as follows: inorganic-organic-metal composite optical functional material;Photochemical energy conversion and application of solar energy; luminescent metallo-organic compound and its application on biomedicine; biochemical separation and analytical material;separate technique;electrical analytical chemistry and biosensors;the separation, structural identification ,analysis, modification, functional and application of biologic active component in characteristic medicinal plant of Yunnan;the establishment of model for natural medicinal product active speedy sensitive selection;the structural modification and conversion of active component. Preside over the “973 Subject”, “pre-special of major basic research from Ministry of Science , “The key Project of International Science and Technology Cooperation from the Ministry of science and Technology”, “National Natural Science Foundation of China”, key projects of Ministry of Education, Provincial key projects and other Provincial projects. Nearly hundred papers have been published including SCI and EI. Two professional books have been published too. Three minor prizes on natural science type of Yunnan science and technology have been achieved .